ITV Text Santa

Design of promotional print and digital assets to promote ITV’s Text Santa Christmas appeal.

ITV Text Santa 2013 was set up to be the biggest year of the campaign up until that point. Prior to that year’s event, there had been minimal marketing around the campaign, aside from television advertising. I worked with ITV to produce marketing materials, both online and offline to promote the event.

The main pieces that I worked on were promotional fundraising packs which would come in three different versions; a standard version, a children’s version and a teacher’s version. These packs would include a booklet detailing Text Santa, a donations form and a funds poster/totaliser. The brief for these wasn’t rigid so I was given a good amount of freedom to sculpt these how I liked.

Despite the freedom of the brief, I needed to stay within the brand guidelines of ITV, Text Santa and the various shows used within the packs, I did however push for more creative solutions where possible. An idea that I put forward was for the established illustrated Text Santa characters to be shown in real world situations, to create a crossover between our world and the animated Text Santa world. This was a theme that was adopted and pushed far more heavily in the following year’s campaign.

To create something more memorable in the pack, I designed the totaliser to be shaped like a Christmas stocking, with the price totals on one side, taking the form of Christmas gifts, and a promotional events poster on the other side.

For the event thousands of packs were printed, with the standard pack available in every Asda and Morrisons store in the UK, while the teachers and children’s packs were sent out to schools.

Another marketing piece I designed was the money box, which would be used to hold workplace donations. I looked into different origami solutions and created a pyramid which would double as a Christmas tree featuring the characters from the campaign.

These were sent out flat so that the fundraisers could assemble it themselves, adding a more engaging creative spin.

As well as the fundraising collateral, I also designed smaller awareness pieces including bunting, T-Shirts, pens, balloons, mugs and coffee cups.

The largest piece that I worked on was the window decal designs for the front of ITV studios on the Southbank. These needed to use the characters to create a fun and enticing scene. I created a snow scene with the characters parachuting in to depict the anticipation for the event.

A lot of ITV studios was going to be taken over by Text Santa for the appeal and I also created designs for the lift doors in the building, featuring the celebrity presenters of the show.

Although most of the content I designed was offline, I did create digital assets for the event, including all of the imagery from the main donation pages, including JustGiving. As well as the header images for the eBay auctions that took place prior to the event.

Following the success of the collateral I was asked to get involved on the 2014 event and worked with the team at ITV with the marketing direction of the campaign for that year.

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